There will be light at the end of the tunnel.

By focusing on the dark side of life, you will never find anything to make you happy. Make positivity your culture and see possibility in all dark situations. This way you will always expect the best to happen. This is a state of mind worth developing.

There is always a bright side.

Focusing on the illumination at the end of a burrow fills your whole life with light and happy thoughts. This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world but also your surrounding and the people around. It radiates all around you.


Others have won and you are no exception.

Others have won and you are no exception.

When you are down and feel that you are all alone, most people have successfully gone through that situation. Remember happiness is not the absence of struggles but the ability of dealing with and overcoming them. That person next to you has fought fierce battles and won. You are no exception.

Keep the winning spirit.

Others have won. Keep in mind that no one is stainless. No one is without a dark spot in their life. We all have our dark past. Do not dwell on your mistakes. Do not focus on what went wrong and where the rain began beating you. You can at best learn from the mistakes and move forward. Do not view the floods in your life negatively, at other times they may translate into future growth. Remember there is a difference between giving up and moving on.


Everything shall pass.


We all have our worst and best moments, successful and failure seasons. Life does this to us all. When life is at its worst and the center can no longer hold. When life’s storms seem to rage and the tussle seem to beat hard, remember this one thing:

Everything shall pass.

It shall soon come to pass. Be strong. You are bigger than the challenge. This positively re-energizes the body and gives one a fresh strength to rise above the storms.